Vinyasa Chakra Flow in English (ma 17:10-18:10), Kolmas linja, Julie (8x)

12.10. - 30.11.2020
Kolmas linja

Vinyasa Chakra Flow in English (ma 17:10-18:10), Kolmas linja, Julie (8x)

12.10. - 30.11.2020

Sali: Kolmas linja

Taso: teema

Hinta: 89 - 99 €

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Vinyasa Chakra Flow in English (ma 17:10-18:10), Kolmas linja, Julie (8x)

Welcome to Vinyasa Chakra Flow with Julie!

Each week we will explore one of the seven main Chakras (energy centers). This Vinyasa ”Chakra Flow” Class is designed to balance and clean your Chakras. During this class, we practice specific yoga postures that are beneficial for the chakra  in combination with positive affirmations, meditation, chanting and breathing exercises. The benefits of this class is not just in the physical body but our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well.

This dynamic class is open to everyone from beginners to advanced Yogis.

Prices (incl. alv 10%)

(8x) 99 € / 89 €

Kurssimaksun voi maksaa verkkomaksuna ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä, etukäteen kurssitilille (saat tiliyhteystiedot ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä) tai kurssipaikalla pankki-/luottokorteilla, käteisellä tai liikuntaseteleillä (Smartum, Virike tai TYKY) tai e-Passi tai EazyBreak liikuntamaksusovelluksella.

Alennushinta todistusta vastaan alle 18-vuotiaille, opiskelijoille, äitiys- tai hoitovapaalla oleville, työttömille, eläkeläisille, varus- ja siviilipalvelumiehille.

Ilmoittautuminen kurssille on sitova. Peruutukset viimeistään 5 päivää ennen kurssin alkua. Peruuttamattomat ilmoittautumiset laskutetaan hinnaston mukaisesti.

Julie Lacombe

Ohjaajana Julie Lacombe

Julie, our new passionate yoga teacher from France, is really happy to propose her classes of Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga.

Julie is graduated 200 Hours teacher training Hatha/Sivananda Yoga from Mathatitu Yoga Ashram, Varkala in India & 100 Hours teacher training Yin Yoga from Fusion Yoga India in Rishikesh. After living, practicing and teaching Yoga in India for the past couple of years,  now she has come to Finland to share her knowledge, experience and energy with us. She guides her students always with love and a smile to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere during the classes. Julie creates each class with a good balance between harmony and intensity always with respect of the body and the mind. To keep this harmony, Julie likes to propose Chanting Mantras, meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises), Asanas Practice and proper relaxation. Julie always encourages her students to have their own and unique experience on their mats. No matter your Yoga level, you will always find your place of comfort in Julie's class. 

Julie is also hypnotherapist specialysed in past life and Reiki practitioner. She believes in the power of the mind/subconscient and that everything is energy. You will find in Julie's classes more then a physical practice.

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