Extra long Yin Yoga class with Anouk on Friday (17:30-19:30), Annankatu

30.8. - 30.8.2019

Extra long Yin Yoga class with Anouk on Friday (17:30-19:30), Annankatu

30.8. - 30.8.2019

Sali: Annankatu alasali

Taso: alkeet

Hinta: 20 - 25 €

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Extra long Yin Yoga class with Anouk on Friday (17:30-19:30), Annankatu

Place: Annankatu 29 B, downstairs
Time: Friday 30.8. 17:30-19:30
Teaching in clearly spoken English.

Anouk will guide you through a nice, relaxing Yin Yoga XL session to align with the Summer season. In this extra long Yin class (2 hours) we will be able to indulge into the softness, richness and meditative aspect of the Yin Yoga practice even more!

The late summer is also called ‘Indian Summer’, which is the time for slowing down. A time to stop and observe what we have created in our lives, and to prepare in order to move forward in our lives with a new sense of awareness. During this session we will do a practice focused on the Earth element, according to the Chinese Five Elements theory. The Earth element is associated with the late summer.

By doing this extra long Yin practice we stimulate the meridian lines belonging to the Earth element: Spleen and Stomach meridians. We will take time to reflect where we are and pause from ‘doing’ and temporarily ‘be’.

This Yin Yoga XL is suitable for everyone who is interested in Yin Yoga; for all levels of practitioners – beginners also welcome!

Price (incl. vat 10%)
25€ / 20€ (lower price for students & the unemployed)

Kurssimaksun voi maksaa verkkomaksuna ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä, etukäteen kurssitilille (saat tiliyhteystiedot ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä) tai kurssipaikalla pankki-/luottokorteilla, käteisellä tai liikuntaseteleillä (Smartum, Virike tai TYKY) tai e-Passi tai EazyBreak liikuntamaksusovelluksella.

Alennushinta todistusta vastaan alle 18-vuotiaille, opiskelijoille, äitiys- tai hoitovapaalla oleville, työttömille, eläkeläisille, varus- ja siviilipalvelumiehille.

Ilmoittautuminen kurssille on sitova. Peruutukset viimeistään 5 päivää ennen kurssin alkua. Peruuttamattomat ilmoittautumiset laskutetaan hinnaston mukaisesti.



Anouk Hummel

Ohjaajana Anouk Hummel

Anouk is a yoga teacher, originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, now based in Finland. Besides teaching Yin Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga, she also works as a Life Balance Coaching and Reiki Healer. In all she does, Anouk aims to inspire people in getting the most out of life, in choosing for themselves; to choose to be the most beautiful version of themselves they can be.

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